August Fit4Mom of the Month: Megan Tomlin

Megan is a second time member of Fit4Mom Tempe who can be found toting around her two sweet kiddos at Stroller Strides at our Tempe Marketplace location. If you see Megan this month give her some extra love. We are so lucky to have her in our village.

Member Since: June 2019, the moment I was cleared to exercise! (however I was a member of the large pre-split franchise until my second pregnancy ended up with placenta previa. I started that membership in November 2017)

What program did you start with? My first program was Body Back Transformation. And it was that- a TRANSFORMATION.

What classes are you currently taking? Currently, I’m taking Stroller Strides and Strides 360

Introduce us to your family: My family consists of my loving husband, Nate, my tender-hearted toddler, Elias, my giggly girl, Amelia, my four-legged friend Tucker and ME-Momma!

Current or previous career beyond motherhood? I am a full-time working mom. I am a medical Speech Language Pathologist, honored to serve our Veterans.

Early mornings or late nights? Why? Early Mornings because my job dictates it. I used to love late night Greys Anatomy binge sessions.

What’s your go to pick me up?

Coconut milk latte

What was your biggest surprise about motherhood?

2 big surprises. The first is how much my heart is capable of growing exponentially with each child and the second is how incredibly hungry I am all of the time while nursing!

#1 Tip for first time mom?

Honor your feelings and emotional responses to this journey into motherhood—all of them. They won’t all be pretty or polished or even make sense, but honor them and know you’re not alone.

How has Fit4Mom impacted your journey to and through motherhood so far?

It’s provided me a safe and motivating space to prioritize my own mental and physical health. It also allows me to model healthy life choices for my littles, who look forward to “exercise time”

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village.”

It takes a village is another way to say you shouldn’t have to do this alone, and good news Mama- you don’t have to! We aren’t saying you can’t do it alone- because you’re a freaking rockstar, but you sure will enjoy it more if you share this ride with us. And we will too.

What has been the hardest, but most rewarding part of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle?

The hardest part is getting both babies loaded in the car consistently to show up. But every time I show up, I feel accomplished.

What would you say to a mama who is considering joining our Fit4Mom Village?

I would say...I know it’s hard to prioritize yourself some times, Mama

I know your body feels different.

I know your nervous about if you’ll fit in and keep up.

But what you need to know is that this Village will lift you up. It will fill your cup. We might not even know you yet, but we already support you. You belong here, Mama, because this is your tribe and we are your people.